Thanks to unprecedented & overwhelming sharing you've dropped the price of everything in the shop by:


Was:   £1,000,000     Now:   £50.12
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6th — 8th June
132 Commercial Street, London E1 6AZ

Friday/Saturday 10am ‐ 6pm   Sunday 11am ‐ 5pm

The price push down is now closed.

On May the 15th, 2nd year Design & Interaction students from Ba Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins launched Worth Pop-Up.
The worlds first social media fuelled price-drop pop-up.
Everything in the shop started at a million pounds, the price could be reduced by sharing over social media. After, trending on twitter, receiving 2 million Facebook impressions & crashing the university servers, the public has collectively reduced the price tag by £999,949.88 in just 17 days.
Everything in store is now £50.12 and under.

The concept

Worth is a 4 day long pop-up shop that questions what value really is and brings meaning to the marketplace by turning the world of commerce on its head.

What are we selling?

The pop-up shop will be selling, limited edition objects, designed and manufactured by second year Design and Interaction students from BA [Hons] Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins

How it works

Each product starts priced at 1 million pounds. Every time the website is shared, the cheaper the items. All money raised goes towards the Graphics Degree Show in 2015.



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Be involved with the world's first social media-fuelled price-drop pop-up and we'll feature you.
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Works from
Anjali Gupta
Anna D‘Assaro
Anna Potter
Arjun Harrison-Mann
Ashlee Cody-Cameron
Barney McCann
Ben Silvertown
Ben Cain
Carina Adijanto
Dan Hardingham
Didem Elif Tanman
Drasti Sheth
Ellen Mercer
Eugene Tan
Fabio Do Prado
Florence Meunier
Francesco Corsini
George Woodger
Georgia Allen
Georgia Bride
Haley Ma
Haonan Shen
Hing Wa Wong
Hudson Shively
Iliana Dudueva
Isha Jhunjhunwala
Jack Guy
Jack Tyacke
Jai Bhatnagar
Jasmina Gasper
Jessica Hook
Jordan Gamble
Julia Peintner
Kate Fridlyanskaya
Kathryn Basterfield
Kelsey Freeman
Ki Whan Jung
Kit Yu Cheung
Kristian Hjorth Berge
Lily Paget
Louise Depledge
Rachita Saraogi
Luca Iiriti
Lucy Maitre
Lucy Streule
Madeline Lim
Margherita Papini
Maria Pestana
Marina Viktorsson
Melissa Bramall
Melissa Burgess
Mila De Choch Fonseca
Mina Abdurahman
Natnicha Kajkumjohndej
Natasha Ayres
Nathanael Brooks
Naz Yigit
Niki Goransson
Nina Kristine Hagen
Nina Euaumpon
Nuch Tatiyanupap
Olesia Li
Olivia LaFarge
Pantita Tanasatitchai
Priscilla Odebode
Rae Clara Gray
Rebecca Thomson
Rhea Jhaveri
Ria Samvedi
Rosa Takahashi
Runqing Hong
Ryan Kailla
Ryan Peterson
Sarunya Kunkasikum
Shinsaku Iwatachi
Soo Kyung Lee
Sophia J Song
Sophia Helf
Sophie Khoury
Stefan Abrahams
Stina Lavenius
Sydney Johnson
Tahira Mclean
Tatiana Aspinwall
Tatiana Ramalho
Tiffany Chan
Viola Mitter
Violette Chatiliez
Wern Luk
Xue Wen
Yanan Zhang
Yelena Palmer
Yujeong Shin
Thanks to
Sion Fletcher
Anand Savjani